Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Week 3

So I sort of have to continued from last week before I start this week. Sunday when we went to the park with some friends from the branch the kids were playing on the park playground and Adalee fell off and landed on her knees and hands. She cried for a long time and wouldn't walk or even stand on it. no swelling or anything so we still arn't sure what happened. My Dr brother thinks it might be a bone bruise. Whatever it is it hurts a lot.
Mon - We ventured to Target today but was not as impressed as I thought I would be. Tolson played almost all day with his friend since there was no school. They also have another neighbor friend who is a little more rough then they are so Tolson doesn't really like him yet. Also we lost our first fish. (They got some fish for our new fish tank on their daddy day) Tolson handled it really well. Good thing they are only $.29 each!
Tuesday - We found the library and went to story time. This was a little hard for Adalee as she is still not able to stand or walk. We got a library card and checked out some fun books. Then we went to Wal-Mart AGAIN and got one more shelving unit for the house. I think I finally got most everything in a place now. I think I have been to Wal-Mart more in the last two weeks then I did in the last year in Tucson. oh well so it goes I guess. We also had a Family fun night at the splash pool. We had a picnic and swam and splashed in the pool. The water was a bit cold so we didn't stay too long but the kids had fun and it was nice to be together.
Wed - We went to a new park for Playgroup and had a great time. I got to know more of the LDS ladies in the area and the kids had a blast. Adalee was walking a bit more today and did fine on the playground.
Thursday - We went back to the same park and played again. A lady in one of the other branches is moving so she dropped off her kids at the park so they could play so we all went back to play with them and help keep track of them.
Friday - We went shopping in the morning and then When Jason got home we went to San Antonio! The kids did pretty well on the drive and we saw several trains along the way. We got there late but the kids were too excited to go to bed so they played for a bit and then crashed. The adults went to our favorite FroYo place and it was yummy.
Sat - Tolson got to go to Rory's t-ball game and got to be a little helper lining up the bats and stuff. He loved it. Ida and I went grocery shopping with Adalee and Jason helped Geoffrey with some manly stuff! That night we went downtown for dinner and the River Walk. It was fun. We also actually went to the Alamo which I hadn't been to even though I had been to the river walk several times before. It was fun
Sunday - Went to church, had a yummy lunch and then got ready to head home. The kids were a little less excited on the way back so it was a longer drive. We were glad we went and are so glad Ida will be so close for a few more months.
I am trying to get better about taking pictures so you all can see and read about our goings on!

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