Sunday, April 8, 2012

Week 2

Monday – Jason Started his first day of work. Nothing super exciting as they couldn’t really do much training until the other three new guys got there on wed. They did some paperwork stuff and drove him around to just show him some stuff. Fun but nothing too exciting. The kids and I
just worked on the apartment some more and got some decorations up in the kitchen.
Tuesday – I can’t really remember much about Tuesday except in the afternoon we went with our neighbors to the splash pool. The kids had a great time and the moms did too. It’s fun to have an insider to give me tips like Don’t go shopping on Fridays or sat because all of Mexico is here
shopping and the lines are really long.
Wed - We went to a LDS play group and met some people from our branch and from the other
branches. The kids had fun and we got to see another park. There are a lot of parks here in Laredo and they are very well kept. Most of them have a shade over them too. I met Jason after work at the Drivers License place and we got our new ones ordered. They have to make them in
Austin and send them to us so it may take a few weeks. This was not nearly as painful as trying to
get our cars registered.
Thursday- I made Banana bread and then we swam again. Nothing too exciting but a fun day.
Friday- Tolson’s friend had the day off of school so they played most of the day together. Friday
night we took a drive and grabbed some dinner out. There is a taco place here called Taco Palenque that they say is really good but we have not ventured to try it yet. We will soon I am sure!
Sat –The Easter bunny comes to our house on Sat and the kids thought it was great. They totally
forgot he was coming. Then, Tolson and Jason had a daddy day and Adalee and I went shopping. Nothing exciting for us just groceries and stuff for Easter. Then in the afternoon
we went to help a family in our branch with their pond. It was having issues and I offered Jason’s help earlier so we called them and went over there. We ended up staying for dinner and went driving with them to see the river. It was a lot of fun and there is actually a lot of water in the Rio Grande here. ALso, I figured out a house I was looking at renting before we came here was right up the street from them and right next to the neighborhood pool and park. I am kind of kicking myself for not going for it because I really like their neighborhood and there are lots of members and BP there. Maybe it will be for rent again in a year.
Sun – We went to our branch for the first time today and it was interesting. Sacrament meeting was great. Gospel Doctrine was good but the poor teacher also had his baby so I offered to take him and ended up having to leave because he was grouchy. Then RS was all in Spanish so one of the sisters has to translate for me and one other sister. It was interesting to say the least, But a good experience too! We are going to have an Easter dinner of Ham and Shrimp curried eggs with salad and then possibly go meet some families from the branch at the park in their
neighborhood. There are things in the city that I don’t love and things that I do. I can see why
people don’t like it and want to leave and I myself don’t want to be here forever but I am trying to find all the great things about it while we are here. I hope you all are having a great
week too!

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  1. I love these updates! Sounds like you guys are settling in nicely. I love how social you are!