Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Adalee's 2nd Birthday

Adalee turned 2 and what a big girl she is!  We sure do love this girl.  
 She woke up in the morning to a room full of balloons!  What a fun surprise for her!  She is such a happy girl and bring so much fun to our family.
 We had dinner and cupcakes at our friends house.  The whole way there she kept saying her little friends name ever and over.  I think she has a little crush!
 We had pink cupcakes with nerds on top for a colorful rainbow of fun!
 She knew just what to do! 
Happy Birthday Adalee!  We love you so much and are so happy you can to our family.  Keep laughing and loving as much as you do.  You are a great little sister and my favorite little girl.
At 2 Adalee has quite the vocabulary.  She loves to do things herself.  She also loves to do everything her big brother does.  She likes to eat strawberries, cheese, applesauce, hot dogs and grapes.  She love to swim and thinks she is like the big kids in the water.  She also loves to tell me big long sentences that don't mean anything but she loves being able to tell me something important. 
I love you Adalee!  Happy Birthday!

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