Tuesday, August 14, 2012

More summer fun!

So this summer as I said before we spent a LOT of time up in San Antonio with Idas family.  One of the weekends I headed up there to help her clan and organize and she helped me make my first quilt.  It was fun and hard and I love how it turned out.  
 You can't really see it very well but the stitching is a big star shape.  We called it a Kapow (like the old comics when they would punch someone) The main band on the side is a superhero cartoon print so we tried to go along with that. 
 You can see it a little better on the back.  Tolsons cousin Rory has a quilt made out of the same fabrics so now they have twin quilts.  It was fun to make and he loves it. 
 In other news we have been spending a lot of time building legos at our house.  The afternoons are so hot that we spend a lot of time inside.  ( now don't go thinking I am a good mom and don't let my kids watch TV when its so hot outside, I do) We just love to play with legos.  Tolson got a set that builds 6 different automobiles so we have been doing that a lot. 
 He also loves to get very creative with them and build new "inventions" he calls them. 
And really how an you resist this cute face!  

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  1. Yay for twinner quilts! That was so fun. I hope its not your last quilt.