Friday, August 31, 2012

At the pool - ALL summer!

This summer we spent a LOT of time at the pool here in our apartment community.  I am sure I have posted pictures before but I wanted to share some I took this last week of summer vacation.
 Adalee chillin in the shade
 Tolson has basically taught himself to swim this summer.  He is very good and wants to keep practicing and learning. 
 This pool is awesome.  It has a beach entry and water spouts on the sides.  The little ones love it.  Adalee likes to see if she can make the water stop coming out and ends up spraying herself and anyone around!
 My two water bugs!  And look how tan they are!
 One of the fun things in this pool is a bucket that fills up and then dumps a huge amount of water on your head. 
 Tolson doing a cannon ball! 
 Adalee just being cute!
OK normally I am against posting naked pictures of my kids on anything but check out that tan.  and she is probably only half as dark as Tolson is but I was not going to get him to pose naked for me!
SO that has been what we do a lot down here!  Its hot hot hot!  And that's saying a lot since I am from the Desert!   We love our pool and will probably still be swimming for a few more months.  

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